Through digital technology, children finally see themselves

Today, I came to Bihou Elementary School in Nan’ao Township with Teacher Zheng Qi for the first school counseling of the digital learning promotion plan.

Although Yilan is sunny and rainy today, it will be a sunny day as soon as I leave Suhuagai.

In school counseling, in addition to confirming the status of school equipment and teacher preparation (the expectation for the technology-assisted self-directed learning plan), it is more important to share with the teacher the goals and ways to promote the promotion of the entire plan. This year we What’s more, teachers who participate in the project for the first time will be accompanied by partners who have been in the school for a year.

Teacher Pei Shan of Bihou is a teacher who is passionate about students. She mentioned that the children of the tribe will leave the tribe one day. If we teach them to use various resources on the Internet to learn, they can achieve something even without tutoring . So she wants to help tribal children learn independently through this project.

Teacher Peishan talked about her experience of using chromebook in English teaching in the past. What impressed her most was that three siblings always acted like hedgehogs at school because of all factors, but Teacher Peishan tried to let the children record themselves reading English sound and video, and when the video of the child who tried the hardest was selected and played in class, the eyes of these children lit up. It turns out that through the teacher’s integration of the vehicle into the classroom teaching, arousing the children’s learning motivation, you can see such a beautiful scenery.